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    The Best Automatic Gates  Service in Bay Area, CA.

    Bay Area is a automatic gate installation and repair company in California. Over the years, About over 20 years, Bay Area Automatic Gates has honed their exclusively in-depth knowledge and skills for professional service.Moreover, all our technicians have licenses and certifications to operate over and beyond Bay Area, CA. Thus, you can be certain that the level of service that we offer is commendable.Therefore, Reach out to us for the best service, and about any other service along gate repair, maintenance and Installation.

    About Our Automatic Gate Services;

    Through exclusive knowledge and skill in gate service, we have been able to provide a wide variety of gates. These includes but not limited to;

    • Front yard gates,
    • Automatic gates,
    • Pool gates,
    • Balcony railing,
    • Stairways and Railing,
    • Apartment gates, and more.

    Whatever the issue, feel free to call (800) 570-1277 for any queries and quotes. Even more, call our 24-hour service line for gate repair & installation service.

    Whether the job requires changing the route of the gate, switching an existing gate with a new one, or more, we have the best technical team for the job. They do basic automatic gate installation, iron welding, and gate door opener replacement or repair.

    At Bay Area Automatic Gates we provide a wide variety of gate doors. Below, is a rundown of the different doors and gates that we service;

    • Swinging gate doors, 
    • Lifting gate doors,
    • Sliding gate doors,
    • Automatic gate doors, and many more. 

    Whether it is the gate itself that need repair, or the gate opener, Bay Area Automatic gates can help you to fix the problem.

    Residential or commercial, gates can fulfill a wide range of roles. These include providing security and the aesthetic beauty of the home. Most importantly, helping to prevent children from wandering off of the property.

    For all of these issues, Bay Area Automatic Gates has tailor-made service for effective gate operation. Most noteworthy, we know the right gate opener that will match with your needs. Contact us today for the best Automatic Gate service over and beyond California.

  • Security Gate San Francisco

    Bay Area Automatic gate can play an important role in ensuring security, privacy, and in helping to beautify a home. It provides a wide range of gate services, including iron fences, iron gates, stairway railing, balcony railing, and motorized gate openers. Whether you need a gate around your pool to protect the kids from going in, a front yard gate to ensure your privacy or more, a gate technician can help deal with the issues necessary to meet the unique needs for each job.

    Wrought Iron Gates San Jose

    Gate Repair in Bay Area

    The business enterprise is an iron gates firm and we focused on giving an excellent repairs and installations for iron gates, electric gates, and automatic gates. Since the iron gates are constantly exposed to the weather, and to the wear-and-tear of daily usage, they do require occasional repair like welding, repainting, re-aligning the gate, and more. A gate technician can inspect the gate, check the problem, give an estimate of how much it will cost to fix the gate, and do the work. Bay Area is here to help with building gate enclosures that can help to attain this security.

  • Our Services

    Bay Area Automatic Gates is here to help with building driveway gate enclosures that can help to attain this security. We focused on giving an excellent repairs and installations for iron gates, electric gates, and automatic gates, re-aligning the gate.

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    Gate Operator Installation In Bay Area

    Driveway Gates San Jose

    We will fix your gate opener, locks or electricity issues and make sure you’re safe. 24/7 Emergency Service in Bay Area

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    Fence Repair In Bay Area

    Driveway Gates San Francisco

    Renew your old fence or installing a brand new one. Repairing an old fence wooden or steel, we can handle it all.

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    ACCESS Control Systems

    Security Gate San Francisco

    Entry keypad & Intercom systems are necessary for additional Security. We have a vary of Hi-tech solutions for you.

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    Driveway gate Installation

    Electric Gates San Jose

    We do all driveway gates & fences repairs and installation in Bay Area. Professional job for affordable price.

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    Custom Driveway gate Installation

    Iron Gates San Francisco

    Let us build your own custom driveway gate or fence design. Wood, Iron, Aluminum, Vinyl and more.

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    Solar Powered gate openers

    Iron Gates San Jose

    Light or Heavy duty Solar Powered Gate openers installation.